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IDPASC THESIS - Old Programme

FCT / IDPASC call 2012

The FCT/IDPASC call 2012 is open from 16th April to 25th May 2012


Propose Themes for the call

REGISTERED IDPASC researchers can propose themes for the call by:

  • Creating a new proposal: go to "Submit Proposal" and indicate the title, scientific domain, institution that will confer the cademic degree, host institution, name of the adviser and of the co-adviser if there is one (who must also be registered in the network). Don't forget to select the FCT/IDPASC 2012 call in the calls field.
  • Making an existing proposal available for this call: go to "My thesis" (you can also edit your proposal there) and click on the "Make available for FCT/IDPASC 2012 call".


Application to a theme

Students can apply to a proposed thesis theme in "FCT/IDPASC Themes"


Student selection

Researchers can list and select candidate by going to "My thesis"


Application to a FCT/IDPASC 2012 grant

Student selected by researchers in a thesis theme can apply to an FCT/IDPASC 2012 grant "here"