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Academic Year
2012 / 2013
Development of boosted jet triggers for Higgs searches at the ATLAS experiment at the LHC/CERN
Experimental Particle Physics
The search for the Higgs boson is the main goal of the LHC experiments. Current fits to the experimental measurements of the Standard Model favor a low mass Higgs, close to the LEP exclusion limit (114GeV). In this mass regime, the dominant decay channel is H->bb. Recent studies have shown that in a boosted regime, where the W/Z and the Higgs have a very large pT, the backgrounds can be reduced and these channels may contribute for a low mass Higgs discovery. However, the current ATLAS jet trigger was not designed to select boosted jets with substructure, having therefore low efficiency. The feasible channels, usually require a high pT lepton for trigger. Some channels, like the pp->ZH->nu nu bb, can benefit clearly from the introduction of a dedicated trigger that selects efficiently boosted objects. Channels like pp->ZH->jet-jet bb, pp->WH->jet-jet bb, can only be possible with such a trigger.
grants the Degree
U. Lisboa
Host Institution
Patricia Conde Muino
Agostinho Gomes