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"Studying and living in Coimbra is an exciting and enriching experience. You'll find three Campuses with exceptional conditions and supporting services within the ideal university city: always safe and welcoming, peaceful when you need to study and cheerful and vibrant in your free time."

Coimbra is the capital of the Coimbra District, the largest city of Portugal Mainland region. It is located in the sub-region of the Lower Mondego and it has around 150,000 inhabitants.

It is considered one of the most important Portuguese cities due to its infra-structures, facilities and enterprises, along with its historical background and its privileged geographical location in the centre of the country. Coimbra is also very near to the Coast with beautiful sandy beaches in the Costa de Prata.

During several centuries, the University of Coimbra was the only Portuguese language university in the world, being responsible for the education and training of many generations of politicians, writers and other intellectual prominent figures of the Portuguese-speaking countries. The Portuguese language was born and consolidated in the Coimbra region.

Coimbra is a city and a university classified as World Heritage by the UNESCO, it is the stage of centuries-old traditions that enliven the academic life, it is the hub of an intense multicultural interaction, which creates global and lasting friendships.

The city and the university are a daily stage where the ideas, the arts, the books, the films, the exhibitions and several performances take place. The Arts Festival, the jazz festival "Jazz ao Centro" and the Cultural Week of the University of Coimbra are just a few examples of the events that take place every year and are really worth to see.

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