The IDPASC - Portugal programme will enable the collaboration within a pool of researchers with a broad interdisciplinary education. It will create bridges between different research groups and areas, boost cross-disciplinary research, and promote new approaches. In addition to a high quality formation, the promotion of future career opportunities will be a priority. In order to promote researcher employability, training will be complemented by modules addressing key transferable skills common to all fields (e.g. scientific management and funding of research activities, communication, science outreach) and, when appropriate, by a meaningful exposure to the non-academic sector.

The main goal of this programme is to endow Portugal with a high quality, solid, national PhD programme in the domain of PASC.

The Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology (PASC) domain is central in the road-maps for fundamental science in Europe. In fact, some of the most relevant questions in science today lay within PASC, and the different PASC sub-domains no longer have rigid boundaries. The interconnection between them became apparent in the last decades and presently it is neither possible to separate the infinitely large from the infinitely small, nor is it possible to separate theory from experiment. Together, they are cornerstones of our newly acquired and evolving vision of fundamental interactions and of the Universe at all scales and common background knowledge is necessary to interpret the wealth of observational and experimental data.

The participant institutions are excellent rated, internationally renowned, universities and research centres with post-graduation programs in fundamental interactions, from particle physics to gravitation and cosmology, from the largest accelerators to the cosmic observation through all types of radiation coming from space.

The IDPASC doctoral programme will be the national programme of reference in this area. It will provide a solid, high quality and wide range training, in a reliable and well-defined context, and with a careful balance between broad formations and specialisation.


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