Applications must be submitted electronically through

You can download the terms of the call here.


Instructions for Applicants

You must read the IDPASC Portugal - Applicants Criteria.

Applicants 1st phase - 20th June to 17th July

All applicants have access to the proposed thesis themes in the IDPASC Portugal web site. The applicants should consult the proposed thesis themes and, in case of interest (and after register and logging in at IDPASC Network -, must apply to the theme by filling the Candidate Application form (provided by IDPASC-Portugal on-line), and by uploading the following documents:

  • One CV file in pdf format
  • One Motivation Letter file in pdf format
  • Copy of identity card/passport
  • One PDF file to include other documents that the candidate may consider relevant to the assessment of the merit mentioned in the CV (Diplomas, certificates etc..)
  • Up to three contacts for reference letters
    (The reference letters will be directly uploaded by the referees. Applicants will not have access to the letters content but they will be able to check if the reference letters have been uploaded and when. The Referees can upload the letters during the whole period of the Call).

Click Apply in the thesis themes. An e-mail will be sent to both the applicant and the supervisor. Applicants should contact the supervisor/co-supervisor of the thesis theme. A communication between candidates and supervisors is of the utmost importance.
Applicants must then be confirmed by the supervisor.

Important: Applicants can only apply to one thesis, but during the 1st phase applicants can change from one theme to another, for that they should withdraw from the thesis they applied before and then apply to the other thesis, doing so will require to submit a new application and to follow the steps outlined before.


Applicants 2nd phase - 1st August to 2nd October

If the applicant was selected by the Supervisor:

The candidate should formalize his application to the grant through the My Thesis (LINK) section, providing the following documents:

  • One Programme Application form (provided by IDPASC-Portugal on-line)
  • One Supervisor CV in PDF format
  • One Co-supervisor CV in PDF format



Instructions for IDPASC Supervisors

You must read the IDPASC Portugal - Supervisors Criteria.

Supervisors 1st phase - 15th May to 19th June

During this phase REGISTERED IDPASC researchers should propose thesis themes for the call by:

  • Creating a new proposal: go to "Application->Supervisors->New Thesis"
  • Insert the title, the PhD Programme, the scientific domain, the institution that will award the academic degree, the host institution, the name of the co-supervisor if applicable (both supervisor and co-supervisor must be registered in the network)

Note the number of grants to be awarded will be six. Two of these grants will preferentially be given to, if possible one for each category:

  • applications with a supervisor from the Coimbra University;
  • applications with a supervisor and a co-supervisor from two different universities of the programme and a working plan for at least one year in each university

During this phase, the supervisor and co-supervisor must keep tracking the candidates that are applying to thesis, and should maintain communication with all applicants. Supervisor and Co-supervisor will receive an email when one candidate applies to his thesis.


Supervisors 2nd Phase - 18th to 31st July

During this phase, supervisors should select one candidate to his thesis and fill the supervisor form (provided by IDPASC-Portugal on-line), describing its personal judgment as regards to the student CV and his adequacy to the PhD subject. The supervisors should maintain contact with the candidate to help him to fill the Programme Application form.



Other information

All these steps must be taken before the deadline announced in the period of Call otherwise the application will not be completed and cannot be taken into account for the grant award selection. No other means of submission are available.

Candidates, who will complete the academic degree required for application to these grants until 2nd October 2017, are allowed to apply conveying the relevant information in their application. In case they later fail to complete the degree within this deadline the grant will not be awarded.

Notifications are sent by email but supervisors and applicants are strongly advised to keep direct communication by other means since the notifications can sometimes be filtered by anti-spam systems.



Contact point - LIP

Av. Elias Garcia, nº14 - 1 1000-149 Lisboa - Portugal      ::

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