Living in Évora

"The natural beauty of this region combines with the monumental richness of this town-museum that nowadays is also a modern and touristy city, classified by UNESCO, since 1986, World Heritage. Inhabited since the Neolithic period, the archaeological landscape that surrounds the city presents important monuments."

Évora, capital of Alto Alentejo, city of an outstanding beauty, embraced by its fortress walls, filled with historic memories in each street, each home, each inhabitant…Its squares and monuments tell us national history, religion and culture episodes and its townsfolk are proud of both past and present times.

The city of Évora is the main urban centre of the region, in population and functional terms. The social and economic dynamics of the city has managed to counter the tendency of the region as a whole, maintaining a growth similar to other medium-sized cities in Portugal.

In the short term the region will have new infrastructure that will promote the logistics of the county and the city, reinforcing the role of Lead as a city of Évora Alentejo region. The High Speed train Lisbon-Madrid is in the design phase and is scheduled a stop north of the city of Évora.

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